With amazing culture, endless beaches, outdoor activities and perfect weather, not to mention the healthy Mediterranean food, the Greek islands are offering the ultimate escape and perfect location for a second home.

Each of the Greek islands has its own distinguished and unique cultural and topographical identity. Its (ancient) culture, beautiful scenery of crystal clear waters and non-stop sunshine is what contributes to the everlasting happiness for people who decide to move to one of the Greek islands. Did you know that there are over 2,000 of them?!

Moving to the Greek islands

There can be several reasons to be moving to the Greek islands. Most people are from European countries who want to buy a second home to spend their vacations in Greece or to get prepared to live during some periods of their life in Greece.

Greek islands architecture

The unique physical landscape of the Greek islands has contributed to the famous Greek islands’ architecture. Most islands have beautiful castle-towns that belong to the flourishing medieval years, at a time where the locals lived in fear, from the pirates’ invasions. There you will see the typical two-story Venetian houses built one next to the other, fortresses and other medieval structures. A beautiful and worldwide famous sample is Little Venice in Mykonos. Visitors strolling through the traditional Cycladic villages are often given the impression of a labyrinth.

The numerous cobbled streets with the whitewashed facades and the different sized houses shining under the Aegean sun, compose unique images.

Greek island Removals

The beautiful Greek islands architecture can come with challenges. Many properties on the Greek islands are difficult to access – steep ascents, narrow roads and tiny lanes are very common. The roads on the Greek islands are often in bad condition and narrow. Did you know that some Greek islands do not even allow cars? Hydra and Spetses for instance, have banned trucks and vehicles all together!

To transport your household and previous family items to the Greek islands, choose for local specialists who know the industry and have worked with the Greek islands for many years.

The importance of using a removal company with local expertise

Kae International movers has years of experience in dealing with the Greek islands challenges and is well-equipped to access any property. Our teams not only are familiar with the logistics and road networks on the islands, they are also specialist in the ferry network connections, ferry boat transportation and local customs.

Due to the condition of the roads, trucks (including container trucks) often cannot easily reach the properties. For that reason, we work with shuttle vehicles so that we can actually deliver at the door and all the way into the new home.

Why KAE International Movers for the Greek islands and mainland Greece?

If you are ready to transport your personal goods and follow your dream into Greece, then you need to be speaking to our international team of specialists. It may be that you might be permanently moving to the Greek islands or simply going to your vacation home for a prolonged holiday, KAE international movers will assist you at every point of the journey. Have you found your dream house on a Greek island? We want to ensure that your shipping experience with us is the most stress-free part of your emigration to sunny Greece!

Local Specialists

KAE International Movers are based in Athens. Management is Greek and specifically, decent from the island of Lemnos. One of our specializations is removals to mainland Greece and the Greek islands where we’ve moved hundreds of families over the past years.

Over the many years we have established solid relationships with local partners on all Greek islands. These teams are familiar with all the difficulties and challenges involved in moving to the beautiful Greek islands. From tiny villages to homes on the edges of cliffs, from remote villa’s to historic town or city houses, they’ve seen it all. Some of the Greek island towns are very built-up, and specialist skills are again required due to the density of the housing and the difficulty involved in safely transporting fragile possessions inside the homes.

We are the preferred moving company for removals from to the Greek islands. We deal with removals to all Greek islands and mainland Greece. Our customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our priorities at Kae International Movers.  We want to work closely with you to make sure we are providing you with the service you need to make shipping to the Greek Islands easy and safe.

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