Moving your family to a new home can be a challenging and stressful project. Think of terrible two’s, toddler, tween, or teen drama! Add changing schools, leaving friends, and saying goodbye to a childhood room. All have the potential to make the process of relocating difficult. But it doesn’t need to be that way. With the help of the right professionals and some important considerations, things will be OK. To make moving a good experience for the kids and yourself, we have collected the top 10 tips for moving with kids.  

Moving with Kids

Over the years, we have helped many families to relocate or move into a new home. The reasons why families decide to move are numerous. They can be joyful; like pursuing a new job in a different area (or even another country) or attending a better school. Maybe you have the opportunity to upgrade your life and buy a nicer or bigger house. A change of lifestyle can also be a reason to move to a different location. Perhaps you want to move from the busy city to the calmer countryside or vice versa.  

Some families relocated for less happy events. A divorce, for example, can also result in moving house, as one person’s income may not be able to support the family home.  A change of income or the need to save money may also be the reason for your family to move to another area where costs are lower.

Whatever the reason for your move, your children will usually have to change school, house, and friends. While moving involves a lot more work for the parents, kids can find it stressful too. Especially young children are very sensitive to the chaos of packing and leaving their familiar place.

Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that all kids are resilient and eminently adaptable. You should also know that there is no perfect age to move with the family. Every age has its own challenges. For teens, that is usually saying goodbye to their friends. Going to a new school can be nerve-wracking for this particular age group. But for toddlers, there is the daunting task of navigating a new home and losing familiar surroundings or faces.

However, these challenges also represent important learning opportunities. As a parent, you can turn the moving into a positive and possibly even exciting event.  

To take the potential stress out of moving with the kids and make it a good experience, we have gathered the top ten tips for moving with kids. Add these tips to your moving checklist because they will help you to make kids more comfortable relocating. 

Moving with kids

Top ten tips to take the stress out of moving with the kids

1. Moving with kids: Take plenty of time to prepare

As in any other parenting situation (a family vacation, the first day of school), one of the most important tips is to take time to prepare. Moving involves many tasks and when there are children present, you will need more time to complete them all without any stress. Within the preparation period, you will also need to slot in some time for unexpected events and unplanned delays: friends passing by, toddlers breakdowns, administrative struggles. Delegate packing and transport of your household to a professional moving company, leaving you the time to spend with your kids during the moving period. When a professional company helps you to pack and transport your belongings, you will have time for that much-needed extra cuddle on moving day.

2. Moving with kids: Transparent information is key

Parents should not keep secrets from their kids because we all know that children have a sixth sense. As soon as you know that you are moving, you’ll need to inform the kids. In an age-appropriate way, you will explain to them the reasons why you are moving and what moving to a new house means in your specific situation. Offer kids as much information as you can because it is the easiest way to help a child cope with moving house. Give them time to accept and absorb the news and take it from there. Keep them in the loop during the entire moving process.

3. Moving with kids: Make things concrete

Being transparent means informing the kids of the practical matters that will change: what will this move mean to them and their day-to-day life? It is very important that parents clarify what and who all is coming on this new adventure. Tell them outright that you and your partner (if you have one) are both coming, and siblings, pets, and other treasured items. What are the practical consequences of going to the new home? Give clear information on their new home (is there a backyard, a bedroom for everyone, etc.) the new school, the new neighborhood, or the new country (weather, landscape, language).

When you speak to older children, you can give them as much information about your new life as possible, this can also include:

  • Your new address
  • The name of their school
  • The name of their neighborhood
  • The name of your work/your spouse’s work

4. Moving with kids: Visit the new home

Being transparent also includes a visit to your new hometown before you move. It may not be always possible to visit the actual new house. But you can visit the area, the new school, or even fun landmarks in a new country. This way, kids will be able to visualize their new life and this will take away some moving stress. If you’re moving for work, negotiate a visit to your new city as part of your relocation package, and take your kids with you. You can also consider a mini-vacation to your new place and explore the area. Choose some kid-friendly activities like parks, playgrounds, and the nearest chocolate shop. Finding places of interest in their new town will make your kids feel more at home. 

5. Moving with kids: Plan fun things

5.	Moving with kids: Plan fun thingsSchedule a visit back home to see old friends before the actual move. When you do this, there will be no saying goodbye, instead, you will say “see you soon”! We all need something to look forward to (think of Christmas or your next summer vacation). This same anticipation is significant for kids, and they will be comforted in the thought that they will see their friends again soon. It is equally important to plan for some fun things in the new home to help them settle. Maybe you can finally consider that much-wanted pet or that special toy or app that they always asked for. A teen will look forward to the promise of a shopping spree at the mall in the new hometown.

6. Moving with kids: Involve kids in the move

6.	Moving with kids: Involve kids in the moveInvolve your kids in the move because when they are in charge of a task, they will feel in control of the situation. Kids can get involved as early as finding a new home. Let them have a vote and listen to them. They can also be in charge of decorating their new room or the playroom. Creativity is a great outlet for emotions. So unleash their inner artist and create a positive vibe by letting them pick paint colors, pillowcases, or carpets. Even the most cranky teens will smile if they get to pick out new goodies. Before moving day, children can help pack some of their own belongings. Make sure you ask your moving company for some boxes beforehand. Again, this will give kids ownership of their part of the move, and it will help them feel like they’re a part of the process. It will make for an easier transition.

7. Moving with kids: Keep their favorite items apart

7.	Moving with kids: Keep their favorite items apartIt is important that you keep your kids’ beloved toys or stuffed animals apart. These items are essential for (young) children during the move and should be in their backpack or otherwise in hand at all times. The last thing you want is for that precious teddy bear to be stowed away in a moving truck or container. On moving day itself, usually a bit chaotic, their special toy will be handy to keep them occupied or to comfort them. 

8. Moving with kids: Be flexible

Things can be logistically challenging on moving days. That is why you will keep a few treats at hand to ‘bribe’ the kids. Don’t worry, this will not spoil them. Moving days come around once in a while, so no habits are being made here. Let the kids stay up late, forget about healthy family dinner, order a pizza instead, and make your day as easy as possible. Moving day can be especially challenging for a toddler, becoming overly clingy or throwing a tantrum. Here’s where you will give them that special treat, let them watch cartoons on a tablet, and you will carefully pick your battles. Moving with kids asks for flexibility.

9. Moving with kids: Find a babysitter on moving day

It’s best to not have the children around while the moving company is packing up your household. When the movers come in, they will need space to pack and wrap and carry the furniture and boxes from your home to the moving truck. Often machines, tools, or lifts are involved with the actual move and that is why it is not safe for children to be around. Instead, drop them off at their friends or the grandparents on moving day. They will not bother you or the movers, and – more importantly – they will have a fun day instead.

10. Moving with kids: Stay positive

Last but not least, to make moving a pleasant experience for the kids, you will need to be positive yourself. Situations are only as stressful as we make them ourselves and in the case of parenting, it is crucial to keep your cool. Trust your parental instincts because you know what is good for your child. And make this all a positive family adventure. You are a team, and you can do it! With enough time to plan and with the help of a professional moving company to take care of the practical side of your relocation, moving with kids can be stress-free!

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